Cead Mile Failte

A thousand welcomes from the members of the Irish American Club, East Side Inc. Explore all of the events, membership information and read about how IACES was founded. There is always a lot of great activities going on at the Club and November keeps the great activities coming.


Don't miss the Election night on Monday, June 9th. Nominees are in the Schanachie!

Check Out The June 2014 Schanachie

Celtic Image Stay up to date with all the IACES activities and events. Get a PDF version of the June Schanachie Here! The PDF file is 8 meg (loaded with lots of good stuff), so it might take a minute to load. All of the events are listed on the events page as well.

To advertise

If you want to advertise on the website or in the Schanachie, contact Jim Young at 440-422-3223